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Experience Noël Sydney

9-24 December 2022
6pm – 10pm

Discover the wonder of Christmas with Noël Sydney, a magical, free Christmas festival. This Christmas storybook experience is set in Macquarie Street and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and has two magical chapters, full of nostalgia with a modern twist.

Follow the Noël Light Trail on Macquarie Street, leading through the majestic Christmas colonnade to the Conservatorium Gates and enter the Digital Christmas Forest where you will feel the magic of Christmas come alive right in the heart of Sydney.

Sydney’s stately buildings may be made of stone, but even they fall under the spell of Christmas. 

The enchanting Noël Light Trail along Macquarie Street is a spellbinding path that leads to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. The five iconic buildings along the captivating ribbon of lights, fade to black and make way for incredible artistic interpretations of Christmas delights, traditions and one of the most loved Christmas stories of all times.  

Will you spot Clara, the Mouse King or the Sugar Plum Fairy along the way? The Nutcracker himself will stand guard over Sydney’s ceremonial street and watch as you take a wonderful journey to the Digital Christmas Forest and Noël Christmas Market.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will fade with the sun, only to re-emerge brighter than ever with the glow of a Digital Christmas Forest, enchanting Noël Christmas Market and joyous entertainment.  

The curated market stalls are inspired by some of the most iconic markets from around the world, carefully curated by Australia’s finest artisans. Nestled in a forest of towering Christmas trees made purely from the colourful glow of light, the markets offer gifts as unique as the market itself.  

Enjoy the Christmas cocktails, scrumptious food and a variety of live performances from around Australia. There’s an early Noël Christmas Show for families and Noël Garden Grooves later in the evening and both get treated to a mesmerising Noël Christmas Skyshow held twice nightly from the 16th – 24th of December. 

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